A new generation of companies is on the rise. They master constant change, grow quickly and innovate at an unprescedented speed.

The key to that is an entrepreneurial and innovation driven culture – rather than a mindset that is dominated by fear and cost cutting activities. In addition to that, these new generation companies smartly integrate specialized suppliers into their operation and use the best resources available.

To also become and stay influential, Hitchensen Professionals support this new generation with consulting, training and hands-on activities. We help new companies to form and existing ones to transform to become the next generation of companies.

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No idea shall ever die due to shortcomings in business topics. We are on a mission to relieve smart solutions from commercial and business challenges – in order to transform good products and services into great ones. With the right commercial platform they also become successful ones.

“Anything that won’t sell, I don’t want to invent. Sale is proof of utility, and utility is success” – Thomas A. Edison



Besides the core competencies of a company or organization, we see four levers of growth that have to be under control. Apply them smartly to outperform competing companies and concepts. We support companies, organizations and individuals with advice, hands-on execution, coaching and training.

The four levers of growth are:

Start-up mentality & innovation culture – Re-invent yourself, create products and services with a purpose and secure future growth
Procurement & vendor management – stay flexible, manage your spend and control risks
Customer management – exploit your full growth potentials with existing and new customers
Project management & change – good ideas and concepts deserve good implementation



Experienced professionals advise, execute and empower. We constantly learn and reflect on our assignments in different areas and industries.

Since 2011 our services help start-ups to structure and market their offerings as well as small and large companies to manage their vendor- and customer relationships.

We are working to build a future where companies and organizations embrace a start-up-culture, foster innovation and entrepreneurship and set-up suitable cost structures as a basis for future growth.




From 0 to 1: We help you to design the entrepreneurial concept, to create, to launch and to grow products and services with a purpose.

In start-ups and established companies, road blockers mostly come from a missing match of “what can be build” and “what should be build”. We see a solution for avoiding this mismatch as early as possible. In our INTENTIONAL_DESIGN approach we combine, apply and teach the Lean Startup philosophy and the Customer Development Process (Steve Blank, Eric Ries) as well as the Business Model Canvas and the Value Proposition Canvas (Alexander Osterwalder). These concepts are suitable for all startup initiatives in small and large organizations.

Another focus topic is the REALITY_CHECK – to take an idea or concept and to get in contact with potential customers as quickly as possible. This helps to assess early-on whether you are pursuing a vision or a hallucination. Insights gained lead to evolved ideas and concepts, which in turn again should be tested in the real world. This process of “validated learning” helps to massively increase market acceptance and reduce market risks.

The implementation of ideas and innovative concepts happens by smart organization of separate new and existing elements. We call this process IDEA_ENGINEERING.



 We enable managed relationships with suppliers and internal stakeholders.

To stay flexible, control risks and get the most value out of your spend, we provide advice, execution and training in a wide selection of topics. Besides the know-how of how to organize a strategic procurement organization we have also expertise in setting-up and actively managing supply chains for start-up firms and small enterprises.

We organize the gained experiences in our EVOLVE_WITH_THE_PROCUREMENT_CIRCLE concept: procurement principles and guidelines, early procurement involvement and cross-functional collaboration, sourcing strategies, negotiation design and support, e-auctions, procurement controlling, supplier management and material group management.



We enable managed relationships with your customers.

To enable you to exploit your full growth potentials with existing and new customers we support you develop your customer base with innovative marketing and sales concepts, with lead generation and with sales activities including prizing strategies.

Instead of sole Business Development we evangelize Customer Development which is to be paired with product development instead of being executed as an afterthought.

We have invented the KAM_ON_TRACK methodology that enables your sales team to gain additional speed because it fosters learning from customers and their needs like no other concept: instead of managing accounts, sales managers manage tracks of channeled activities.

We provide advice, execution and coaching & training.



We ensure projects are delivered in time, budget and quality.

Implementation is what counts at the end of the day. Having success with great ideas is the privilege of those who can actually implement them. To lower the burden of implementation we support the management of your projects with proven (agile) methods and tools. We help you implement strictly and align the involved stakeholders and organizational aspects.



ADVICE – Need for consulting services?

Clients benefit from our expertise and experience in different industries and organisations.
We advise individuals, small and large organisations who want to grow new ideas and to develop or enhance their corporate processes.

EXECUTE – Need to get things done?

As Freelancer, Interim Manager and with specialized partners we support where needed. With a solid background and a hands-on attitude we get things done and take care of the items which are not part of your core business, but still are relevant for the continued success.

EMPOWER – Need for expert knowledge?

A successful implementation and change relies on knowledge. We define, run and moderate workshops, create and conduct training programs and provide on-the-job coaching. As a side topic we have developed an ESCAPE_PROGRAM for employees who want to do something different.


  • Business Development and Marketing professional – Swiss Software and services company
  • Project Leader – Swiss Software and services company
  • In-house trainer – German industry group
  • Supply chain engineer – Swiss startup
  • Commercial allrounder – Swiss startup
  • Businessmodel, customer development and sales consultant – German startup


Exciting Lean Startup Workshop in Zurich inspires participants

How to increase the hit-rate of innovations and ideas? How to ensure market acceptance of products and services? It was such questions scrutinised by creatives and entrepreneurs on April 16, 2015. The workshop got started by Thomas Hayk, founder of Hitchensen and active startup mentor, with an introduction of the theoretical basics of Value Proposition, Customer Segments as well as Business Model Canvas (as per Alexander Osterwalder). The group discussed the frameworks and reflected own experiences. The most part of the day was used to scrutinize own business ideas using the Canvas frameworks. One major lean start-up aspect is the quick validation of assumption e.g. regarding customer wants and needs. This validation – the so called reality check – was conducted immediately by telephone. Based on the workshop contents and the learnings, the participants continue to work-out their business ideas. We look forward to the next workshop on Thursday, June 25, 2015. See here for registration http://realitycheck.hitchensen.com/ Applying the structure and following the strict process of the standardized Canvas toolbox help a lot in questioning, structuring and developing my business idea. The reality check – the validation of critical assumptions – is perfect as it provides a great foundation for a validated business plan. Though most of the founders may already be aware of the lean start-up principles, the strict application of them during the workshop as well as the executed reality check are crucial for the success of their ideas. This lean start-up workshop works like a foundry process. As raw material you feed in what you think is true and it goes through a rigorous burning process. In the end you come out with what is really true about your... read more

First Startup Workshop in Zurich excites participants

How to increase the hit-rate of innovations and ideas? How to ensure market acceptance of products and services? It was such questions scrutinised by entrepreneurs and product managers on February 11, 2015. Thomas Hayk, Founder of Hitchensen and active startup mentor, opened the workshop and introduced the theoretical basics of Value Proposition, Customer Segments as well as Business Model Canvas (as per Alexander Osterwalder). The group discussed those basics actively and reflected own experiences. In a next step, the participants had the opportunity to apply the new concepts to an own business idea. One main aspect of that application is a swift verification of made assumptions e.g. regarding customer needs. Such a verification was conducted immediately by telephone and a quick online survey. The Reality Check proved to be the perfect finale of the workshop. In that session one elaborated business idea has been presented to a representative of a major Swiss bank and the chief executive of the BlueLion Incubator. Based on that introduction and the critical questions from the experts an intensive and valuable discussion has evolved and produced new aspects to further strengthen the business idea and the implementation plan. We look forward to the next workshop on Thursday, April 16, 2015. See here for more event details http://realitycheck.hitchensen.com/   “With the Lean Startup Workshop my understanding of idea-to-market implementation was deepened – without adding too much complexity to it. Applying the Canvas methodology enables me to better assess relevant stakeholders and to better plan future measures. The Reality-Check highlighted additional and so far unnoticed fields of action and further possible multipliers for my business idea. This was facilitated through critical questioning and an open dialogue.” Christoph Niemann – Entrepreneur and Consultant “The introduced and directly applied methods and tools are very... read more

Why is it so difficult to successfully implement innovations?

  Because innovators focus too much on the (technical) feasibility of the idea.The marketability often turns out only after the development. How will my product or service be accepted by the market? Do a reality check! Be an entrepreneur. Structure and test your ideas. Make sure that “Your project”, in which you put your full energy, is wanted by customers and users, and at the end is profitable and scalable. Understand your project as startup. The definition of Eric Ries, author of “The Lean Startup” describes the task of Entrepreneurs like this: “The concept of entrepreneurship includes anyone who works within my definition of a startup: a human institution designed to create new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty”. This definition also includes existing companies, whether large or small. To act as an entrepreneur in this sense you need simple structures to deal with the uncertainties inherent in a start-up project and can still maintain necessary creativity and to speak a common language in a team. Reach the all-important product-market fit without a large investment. These Lean Startup methodologies help the case: Value Proposition Canvas value_proposition_canvas After Alexander Osterwalder. Answers the question: “How to create value for customers and users?” With the value proposition Canvas, observed customer problems or needs are graphically structured on one page and are aligned with your products and services. Business Model Canvas business_model_canvas_poster After Alexander Osterwalder. Answers the question: “How is value created for me / my company”. With the Business Model Canvas the most important elements of a business model are structured graphically on a page. Validate hypotheses and achieve product-market... read more

The founder

Thomas Hayk

Thomas Hayk

Founder & CEO

Seeing too many good ideas die motivated Thomas to create a company that helps companies, organizations and individuals to reduce the risk of failure and to grow their ideas, concepts and technologies. Motto: No idea shall ever die due to commercial failures.

Thomas has a background in engineering and business. He has also worked as electrician. He has spent most of his career working at interfaces: business vs. technology; culture vs. business; old economy vs. new economy. Based on this experience Thomas is convinced that real innovations arise when divers areas collide and diversity is given.

Besides work, Thomas spends most of his time with his family. He is married and has two daughters.

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Thomas Hayk, Founder & CEO

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