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Legal information

By accessing information on the Hitchensen AG website, the user of the website agrees to the following conditions:

The information and opinions published on the site by the Hitchensen AG are provided solely for informational purposes and personal use. The Hitchensen AG assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the content of the site. Published information is subject to change at any time without notice. The Hitchensen AG is under no obligation to remove information from the site that is no longer current.

All content on the Hitchensen AG website is subject to copyright protection. Saving or printing individual pages and/or portions of the site for personal use is allowed only as long as copyright symbols are not removed. Hitchensen AG retains all ownership rights. The content of the site may not be reproduced, copied, transferred, modified or combined with other information. The use of content from the site for public or commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Hitchensen AG is prohibited.

Some of the information provided by the Hitchensen AG on its website may contain links to content from other content providers (via so-called hyperlinks). The Hitchensen AG is not responsible for such content. Although the Hitchensen AG thoroughly verified all content at the time of its publication on the internet, it cannot determine whether other providers publish inaccurate, illegal or punishable content through later changes to their content. Due the to technical nature of the internet, the Hitchensen AG cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information published on the Hitchensen AG website. The user shall be solely responsible for all content obtained through any and all links to third-party websites (such as hyperlinks or banners) that lie outside the area of responsibility of the Hitchensen AG. The Hitchensen AG hereby expressly declares that no illegal content was found on any linked sites at the time the links were established. The Hitchensen AG has no influence over the current and future design, content and/or authorship of the linked sites. The Hitchensen AG therefore hereby expressly distances itself from all content found on linked sites that has been altered since the links were established. Hitchensen AG further declares that Hitchensen AG does not adopt the content of linked third-party sites as its own.
The Hitchensen AG shall not be liable for losses or damages of any kind that result from accessing or using the site. The Hitchensen AG expressly warns of the dangers of viruses and hacker attacks and recommends the use of current browser versions as well as the installation of continuously updated anti-virus software.

Hitchensen AG also warns that the internet is not a safe environment and that data transmitted via the internet may be accessed by unauthorized third parties. Hitchensen AG assumes no liability for the safety of data transmitted via the internet.
Any personal data transmitted via the Hitchensen AG website by users will be collected, processed, used and stored for contractual purposes only in accordance with the Swiss Data Protection Act and shall not be provided to third parties. Furthermore, the Hitchensen AG does not collect personal data.

The Hitchensen AG website stores data (cookies) on visitors’ computers in order to collect statistical information regarding visitors to the site. These statistical data are not personal in nature. Rather, they provide information such as the number and length of visits to the site, the keyword that led the visitor to the site, the number of visited pages, etc. These data do not allow the user to be identified in any way. Visitors may check their computers to see which cookies, if any, were installed and may configure their browsers so that a warning is displayed as soon as cookie is about to be installed. Installed cookies may be deleted and the installation of new cookies prevented. The website provides no information that can be used to confirm the identity of the visitor.

Certain pages within the STAR website may contain additional terms or conditions. In the event of a contradiction between this Legal Notification and any additional terms, the additional terms shall apply to the page in question.
Should one of the conditions mentioned here be or become fully or partially invalid or void, the remaining portions of the Legal Notification shall remain valid.