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How to increase the hit-rate of innovations and ideas?
How to ensure market acceptance of products and services?
It was such questions scrutinised by creatives and entrepreneurs on April 16, 2015.

The workshop got started by Thomas Hayk, founder of Hitchensen and active startup mentor, with an introduction of the theoretical basics of Value Proposition, Customer Segments as well as Business Model Canvas (as per Alexander Osterwalder). The group discussed the frameworks and reflected own experiences.

The most part of the day was used to scrutinize own business ideas using the Canvas frameworks.
One major lean start-up aspect is the quick validation of assumption e.g. regarding customer wants and needs. This validation – the so called reality check – was conducted immediately by telephone.

Based on the workshop contents and the learnings, the participants continue to work-out their business ideas.

We look forward to the next workshop on Thursday, June 25, 2015.
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Applying the structure and following the strict process of the standardized Canvas toolbox help a lot in questioning, structuring and developing my business idea.

The reality check – the validation of critical assumptions – is perfect as it provides a great foundation for a validated business plan.

Though most of the founders may already be aware of the lean start-up principles, the strict application of them during the workshop as well as the executed reality check are crucial for the success of their ideas.

This lean start-up workshop works like a foundry process. As raw material you feed in what you think is true and it goes through a rigorous burning process. In the end you come out with what is really true about your ideas.

Akash Goswami

Embedded SW consultant

Ein Workshop mit sehr hohem Praxisbezug.
In der Gruppe haben wir meine Geschäftsidee von verschiedenen Perspektiven aus untersucht und dabei für mich wichtige offene Punkte aufgedeckt. Ich habe konkrete Themen zur weiteren Bearbeitung mitnehmen können.
Die Canvas Methoden helfen stark beim Hinterfragen und Konkretisieren von Ideen.
A workshop with high practical relevance.
In the group we analysed my business idea from different angles. By doing so we revealed critical open elements, which I will take for further scrutiny.
The canvas methods help tremendously in questioning and formalising new ideas.
Sybille Ambs-Keller

Founder & CEO, Die Textwerkstatt