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How to increase the hit-rate of innovations and ideas?
How to ensure market acceptance of products and services?
It was such questions scrutinised by entrepreneurs and product managers on February 11, 2015.

Thomas Hayk, Founder of Hitchensen and active startup mentor, opened the workshop and introduced the theoretical basics of Value Proposition, Customer Segments as well as Business Model Canvas (as per Alexander Osterwalder). The group discussed those basics actively and reflected own experiences.

In a next step, the participants had the opportunity to apply the new concepts to an own business idea. One main aspect of that application is a swift verification of made assumptions e.g. regarding customer needs. Such a verification was conducted immediately by telephone and a quick online survey.

The Reality Check proved to be the perfect finale of the workshop. In that session one elaborated business idea has been presented to a representative of a major Swiss bank and the chief executive of the BlueLion Incubator. Based on that introduction and the critical questions from the experts an intensive and valuable discussion has evolved and produced new aspects to further strengthen the business idea and the implementation plan.

We look forward to the next workshop on Thursday, April 16, 2015. See here for more event details


„With the Lean Startup Workshop my understanding of idea-to-market implementation was deepened – without adding too much complexity to it.
Applying the Canvas methodology enables me to better assess relevant stakeholders and to better plan future measures.
The Reality-Check highlighted additional and so far unnoticed fields of action and further possible multipliers for my business idea. This was facilitated through critical questioning and an open dialogue.“

Christoph Niemann – Entrepreneur and Consultant

„The introduced and directly applied methods and tools are very pragmatic and are suitable not only for start-ups but also for a re-assessment of existing products and business models. With that, potentials for improvement can be identified and illustrated in an impressive way.“

Sven Flanz – Business Development Manager

„The Reality-Check is mandatory prior to approaching any investors. Without that check and possible improvements one risks to burn the investor’s interest with a half-cocked idea and that they are not willing to meet again another time.“

Daniel Bender – Corporate Finance Specialist, UBS


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